Children in Need of Assistance (CINA)

Children in Need of Assistance

Parents and guardians have a duty to keep safe from harm children who are in their care and custody. But when children are harmed and suffer physical, sexual or mental abuse, or are neglected, the law steps in to provide protection. The child who has been harmed is deemed to be a child in need of assistance and the parent or guardian is alleged to be an abuser or a person who has neglected their duty of caring for the child. If you are looking for a Prince George’s County CINA attorney skilled at representing parents or guardians against allegations of abuse and/or neglect, then contact the Law Office of Robin Rucker Gaillard, LLC. Attorney Gaillard can help you navigate the complexities of a CINA case from allegations to shelter care to placement to review hearing and beyond.

Client Reviews

Robin is always the smartest person in the courtroom. She’s alway ten steps ahead of everyone else. I was always well-informed and made a very active part of the process. She never did anything without my knowing or without my full approval. I will undoubtedly continue to recommend her for as long...

Sadie Groves

I want to thank Attorney Robin Rucker Gaillard from the bottom of my heart for all she has done for my daughter and I. The Prince George’s County Bar Association referred me to the Law Office of Robin Rucker Gaillard, LLC, for representation in a contested custody matter. She built a very strong...

Kimeola Cato

Attorney Gaillard represented me in a DUI/DWI case where I was facing points and jail time. I thought about trying to go it alone but a friend recommended Attorney Gaillard. Thanks to her good advice early on, she put me in the best position possible and when it came time for my hearing, she was...

K. P.

When I was contemplating leaving my abusive husband of 15 years, I was referred by a friend to Attorney Robin Rucker Gaillard, who had helped navigate her ugly divorce. From day one, Attorney Gaillard understood my situation and was very compassionate and insightful. She patiently walked me through...

Phyllis E. Lewis
Franklyn Bourne BA
Maryland Association
Prince George PA
The BA

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