My philosophy is a guiding principle in my law practice and I apply it in every facet of serving my clients. My practice is an extension of that philosophy as I help clients problem solve when they are in the throes of a crisis. My philosophy also guides me when I am helping clients to avoid a future crisis through strategic planning and when I help them set priorities to mitigate the impact of a future problem.

Attorney Robin Rucker Gaillard is adept at the law and her ability to listen closely and to provide strong counsel along with a solid action plan make her highly effective at assisting her clients. In addition to her insight and knowledge of the law, her compassion and deep sense of commitment over the past 20 years have helped distinguish her as an attorney and as a professional committed to your success. Through knowledgeable counsel, sound guidance, and effective advocacy, she is uniquely qualified to assist in setting goals and in moving clients toward resolution in a wide range of legal matters.

Attorney Gaillard has helped clients by devising creative solutions involving complicated divorce and marital property issues, custody matters, property rights matters, and the like. She has also negotiated favorable settlements for personal injury cases in the face of companies highly resistant to paying a fair amount to the client.

Mrs. Gaillard prides herself on representing clients with intensity, professionalism, and integrity to achieve the best possible outcome. To ensure that she can meet her high, self-imposed standard, Robin continually ensures that she is up to date on the areas of law in her practice, as they are constantly changing. She also puts her energy into devising unique solutions to problems faced by her clients and injects creativity and nuance into every case for the benefit of her clients. Mrs. Gaillard knows that the outcome of your case can effect your life long after its conclusion so she will bring all of her knowledge and experience to bear on your behalf.

Attorney Robin Rucker Gaillard has been a licensed attorney admitted to the practice of law in Maryland, since December 1995, and to the United States District Court for the District of Maryland, since November 1997. Attorney Gaillard concentrates her practice in the areas of family law, estates and trusts, and civil litigation and proudly serves clients throughout the area including the Maryland counties of Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Calvert, Charles, Frederick, Howard, Montgomery, and Prince George’s, and Queen Anne’s Counties.

Robin attended the University of Virginia where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations and Foreign Affairs, and completed a program of studies in Paris, France. Thereafter, she worked on Capitol Hill, serving on the staff of Senator Paul S. Sarbanes, then on the staff of Congressman Kweisi Mfume, both of whom represented Maryland in the United States Congress. In her service, Robin traveled to Nigeria with other Congressional staffers as part of a privately-sponsored delegation to observe and report on various aspects of the country’s structural adjustment program, among other political and economic developments in the region. She maintains her keen interest in international relations and foreign affairs, and remains abreast of global development interests.

My Philosophy . . .
Life is short so optimize it. When problems arise, commit to resolving them with a sound solution that lets you get back to living your life fully. Resolving problems through planning, prioritizing, and information opens up options and life is just a better and more fulfilling experience overall.
– Robin Rucker Gaillard

Attorney Gaillard attended the University of Baltimore School of Law and obtained her Juris Doctorate degree in May 1995. While at the University of Baltimore she distinguished herself with a number of achievements, including staff editor on the University of Baltimore School of Law, Law Forum legal journal; teaching assistant for the Legal Analysis, Research and Writing Legal Skills program; and recipient of the Highest Grade Award in the upper level course, International Law and the Use of Force. Attorney Gaillard was admitted to the Maryland Bar in December 1995, and to the United States District Court for the District of Maryland, in November 1997.

Attorney Gaillard got her hands-on experience through the University of Baltimore Civil Litigation Clinic where she honed her interviewing, negotiating and litigation skills navigating the Baltimore City courts on behalf of residents with cases pending trial. Among others, her cases included defending a client facing eviction who was unwittingly involved with a person conducting illegal activity and under surveillance by federal law enforcement. Attorney Gaillard gained further hands-on experience as a Summer Associate at the Baltimore law firm of Whiteford, Taylor, and Preston, then as a law clerk at the Prince George’s County firm of Reichelt, Nussbaum, Brown, Dukes and LaPlaca during her law school career. After obtaining her law degree, Mrs. Gaillard served as Judicial Law Clerk to Judge G.R. Hovey Johnson, 7th Judicial Circuit, Maryland, and saw first-hand hundreds of cases that came before the court.

Robin demonstrated her commitment to community service early in her career as she volunteered her time representing indigent and low-income litigants with family law cases, adoption cases, bankruptcy cases, probate cases, and other legal matters, through the Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service, The Law Foundation (now, Community Legal Services), and other community legal services outlets. She remains committed to the community and has volunteered her time to provide legal advice and services through various panel discussions, expungement fairs, and other organized pro bono efforts for those truly in need of qualified legal services but who lack access.

In private practice, Attorney Gaillard has assisted hundreds of clients throughout various counties in Maryland with adoptions, prenuptial and cohabitation agreements, child support, highly contested custody cases, high conflict separations and divorces, contentious alimony matters, intricate property matters, domestic violence petitions and peace orders, criminal assault matters, traffic cases, personal injury matters, guardianships, probate administration, and estate planning matters.

In the course of advocating for her clients and their legal needs, Attorney Gaillard seeks to educate clients; to empower them to face challenges; and to address the matters that they value most. She takes a holistic view to the challenges faced by her clients and takes the opportunity to recommend professionals who can assist with remediating other problem areas in the lives of her clients.

Attorney Gaillard is particularly adept at advising clients with, and handling cases involving, significant assets and career sensitivity. She has experience with assisting a broad range of high profile clients who desire the utmost discretion and a speedy conclusion to their cases. Her clients reside in Maryland as well as in other cities throughout the United States and around the world. No matter the facts of any case, no matter the location of a client, and no matter the profile of the client, Attorney Gaillard makes obtaining the best result for each client her primary objective and gives her utmost to achieve that objective. She tailors her approach to the specific needs, goals, and interests of her clients; is careful to guard against less than optimal outcomes; and plans for the best possible result.

Successfully representing clients in some of the most contentious and intricate cases involves a commitment to staying abreast of the law and on top of new legal developments, as well as developments in ancillary areas that may impact her clients’ cases. For Attorney Gaillard the law is dynamic and constantly changing so to serve you best she ensures that she is in step with, and attuned to, those changes. Her membership in professional organizations and her annual participation in a variety of continuing legal education seminars help to ensure that she has the edge to assist clients and is aware of relevant information that she can use to persuasively represent clients in any courtroom or conference room. Her memberships include the Maryland State Bar Association, the Prince George’s County Bar Association, the Anne Arundel County Bar Association, and the J. Franklyn Bourne Bar Association.

Attorney Gaillard is trained in Alternative Dispute Resolution and has assisted litigants and others with mediating resolution of breach of contract disputes, employment and employee benefit disputes, custody and access disputes, property disputes, personal injury, and probate disputes. She will put that knowledge to use for your benefit as well, whether you go to a full trial or start out from the beginning simply wanting to mediate the dispute, or a hybrid of both.

Adept at negotiating settlements and trained in alternative dispute resolution, Attorney Gaillard helps clients reach their legal goals using varied means and creative solutions, without the need to litigate disputes in court. But when negotiation, mediation, and other settlement efforts are not enough to resolve disputed matters, rest assured that Attorney Gaillard is fully prepared to zealously represent clients in the courtroom, whether it’s obtaining an initial court order; modifying or enforcing a court order; or asking the Court to hold a party in contempt of a court order.

Attorney Gaillard’s passion for the law is matched only by her passion for adventure, commitment to service of others, and her family. When not practicing law, she enjoys scuba diving and since 2002 has been an active member of the Underwater Adventure Seekers Scuba Diving Club in Washington, D.C. For more than 25 years, Attorney Gaillard has been a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Iota Gamma Omega Chapter; and for 30 years, she has been a member of Saint Augustine Catholic Church, Washington, D.C. She remains dedicated to her spouse of 28 years, and to her loving and accomplished children.

Celebrating 20 years in the private practice of law.

Professional Services

Legal consultations; litigation; legal drafting; and mediation services

Mediation Services

Breach of contract; employment and employee benefits; custody and access; real and personal property disposition; personal injury, and probate administration.


“Life is short so optimize it. When problems arise, commit to resolving them with a sound solution that lets you get back to living your life fully. Resolving problems through planning, prioritizing, and information opens up options and life is just a better and more fulfilling experience overall.”

Committed to educating clients; finding creative solutions to solve problems; staying abreast of continuing legal education; community service; professional excellence; and serving clients with respect and professionalism.

Community and Memberships

  • Maryland State Bar Association – 20 years
  • Prince George’s County Bar Association – 15 years
  • Anne Arundel County Bar Association
  • J. Franklyn Bourne Bar Association
  • Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service
  • Community Legal Services
  • Underwater Adventure Seekers Scuba Diving Club, Washington, DC – 15 years
  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated – 25 yeas
  • St. Augustine’s Catholic Church – 29 years


  • University of Baltimore School of Law, May 1995 - J.D.

    Book award for highest grade; civil litigation clinic; law journal staff editor; legal skills teaching assistant

  • International Relations/Foreign Affairs, University of Virginia, May 1986 - B.A.

Client Reviews

Robin is always the smartest person in the courtroom. She’s alway ten steps ahead of everyone else. I was always well-informed and made a very active part of the process. She never did anything without my knowing or without my full approval. I will undoubtedly continue to recommend her for as long...

Sadie Groves

I want to thank Attorney Robin Rucker Gaillard from the bottom of my heart for all she has done for my daughter and I. The Prince George’s County Bar Association referred me to the Law Office of Robin Rucker Gaillard, LLC, for representation in a contested custody matter. She built a very strong...

Kimeola Cato

Attorney Gaillard represented me in a DUI/DWI case where I was facing points and jail time. I thought about trying to go it alone but a friend recommended Attorney Gaillard. Thanks to her good advice early on, she put me in the best position possible and when it came time for my hearing, she was...

K. P.

When I was contemplating leaving my abusive husband of 15 years, I was referred by a friend to Attorney Robin Rucker Gaillard, who had helped navigate her ugly divorce. From day one, Attorney Gaillard understood my situation and was very compassionate and insightful. She patiently walked me through...

Phyllis E. Lewis
Franklyn Bourne BA
Maryland Association
Prince George PA
The BA

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