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After a long-term marriage, I found myself in the middle of a contested divorce with a lot at stake including custody of my children and a dental practice built upon a lifetime of work. Attorney Robin Rucker Gaillard shepherded me through the process and dispelled my fear of being financially destroyed. I felt reassured as she helped me to navigate the uncertainty of divorce with dignity and to plan for my future in a strategic and insightful way. She took control and got me to a point where I could move on with my life.

Attorney Gaillard remained focused on the end result and crafted fair, plausible solutions in the event we were able to settle the case but also prepared the strongest possible case if we had to go to trial. She communicated with me throughout the process, considered my input, and showed compassion when it all became overwhelming. I was most impressed with her knowledge of the law and preparation, with her analysis of my options, and with her commitment to helping me achieve my goals.

As my advocate, Attorney Gaillard was knowledgeable, persistent, compassionate, creative and effective. If you want a legal professional set apart from the rest, and who will work hard for you in your separation and divorce, then call the Law Office of Robin Rucker Gaillard, LLC. The legal services of Attorney Robin Rucker Gaillard are well worth it and the peace of mind she brings is priceless.

- Dr. Tanzania Davis

I first came to know Attorney Robin Rucker Gaillard in 2003, when I served as President of the Board Directors for an independent private school in Prince George’s County, Maryland. She stood out to me because of her focus, her passion, and her commitment to the mission of our organization. In working with her over the years, I also came to respect her for her consistent technical knowledge and sought her counsel regularly.

In 2014, I was going through the most difficult time of my life--a suit for divorce and child custody—and my attorney of choice was Robin Rucker Gaillard, Esq. My choice was not rooted solely in Attorney Gaillard’s superior command of the law, nor in her years of experience with divorce and family law. Rather, my choice was rooted in her passion for the law, and in her commitment to professionalism. I was privileged to have been a client of the Law Office of Robin Rucker Gaillard, LLC, and observed first hand Attorney Gaillard’s advocacy on my behalf, and ultimately for my daughter and I. It was something to behold. I would confidently rely on her skill set in front of any judge and against any opposing attorney. When a family faces the crisis of a contested divorce and custody matter and must go to court, no one truly wins. But Attorney Gaillard provided me with exceptional advice and counsel; she advocated zealously for me; and she worked hard for a just and fair result, with compassion and dignity.

- Jamal Chappelle

Simply put, Robin Rucker Gaillard saved my LIFE! She was the MVP in the biggest battle I have ever faced in life, period! I am now one of the few fathers I know,with custody of his child, AND receiving child support. People don't even believe it when I tell them. I initially set out to narrow my choices down to 3 attorneys for my case, and select one from there. After one phone call to Robin Rucker Gaillard, I knew my quest was over. As a salesman, I know good product when I come across it. I don't need to be sold much on anything. Robin Rucker Gaillard impressed me from the moment I spoke to her. When I came in for my initial consultation, it was like she already knew my whole story. She knew what I had been through and what I was up against, without me going into much detail at all. I imagine her 20+ years of experience play a part in that. She is very personable, knowledgeable, astute, and tenacious. Don't let the smooth taste fool you, this lady is a PIT BULL! She's one of the last people on earth I would want problems with. She worked the courthouse and courtroom like a pro and got the job done! I will FOREVER be grateful for what she has done for me and for my family!

- Omar H.

Robin is always the smartest person in the courtroom. She’s alway ten steps ahead of everyone else. I was always well-informed and made a very active part of the process. She never did anything without my knowing or without my full approval. I will undoubtedly continue to recommend her for as long as she is practicing.

- Sadie Groves

When I was contemplating leaving my abusive husband of 15 years, I was referred by a friend to Attorney Robin Rucker Gaillard, who had helped navigate her ugly divorce. From day one, Attorney Gaillard understood my situation and was very compassionate and insightful. She patiently walked me through the entire process and helped me analyze all my options. As my advocate, she remained calm and focused and put together a strategy that was fair and effective.

My divorce and custody case was highly contested, involved complex issues, and got messy very early on. Attorney Gaillard was very reassuring and she prepared the strongest possible case. We ended up having a multi-day trial and even had a number of hearings even after the divorce. She communicated with me throughout the entire ordeal and she was fierce in her advocacy of me as her client. She respected my input at every phase. The divorce was overwhelming and I was extremely fortunate that she always looked out for my best interests, including the well-being of my children.

While I can say that I would never want go through another divorce, I do feel like I had the best representation possible and that Attorney Gaillard was a Godsend. She alone fought my ex-husband's four different attorneys when they tried everything to take me down. Attorney Gaillard was steadfast and well-prepared each time we went to battle in that courtroom. What impressed me most was her integrity, knowledge of the law, and professionalism on all levels. Without hesitation, I recommend her services to anyone contemplating divorce and she is certainly worth every penny.

- Phyllis E. Lewis

Ms. Gaillard was nothing but professional from day one! Ms. Gaillard contacted me back ASAP from when I first initially contacted her. I was overwhelmed and she made me comfortable from the unnecessary stress. Ms.Gaillard was professional, thorough and made me feel confident that she was well rounded to handle my case. Ms.Gaillard was very helpful and very responsive to all my questions and concerns. She provided excellent service and provide her excellent knowledge of family law on full display. She took her time to explain everything and did and phenomenal job with my case from beginning to end. I would like to thank her and her staff for taking care of my family's needs and making me as a client feel like a priority! I am very grateful for an excellent job she delivered and would HIGHLY recommend her as a top attorney to handle your case! Very knowledgeable, efficient and exceeded my expectations. Thank you Ms. Gaillard again!

- P. Pettegrue

I want to thank Attorney Robin Rucker Gaillard from the bottom of my heart for all she has done for my daughter and I. The Prince George’s County Bar Association referred me to the Law Office of Robin Rucker Gaillard, LLC, for representation in a contested custody matter. She built a very strong case for me and showed the Court the flaws in the opposing party’s case. Her representation, led me to getting custody of my daughter and there is no price you can put on that.

Attorney Gaillard came into my life at a time when I was recovering from being a victim of domestic violence at the hands of my daughter’s father, and I was struggling with how to assert myself. She helped me to speak up for myself and encouraged me to have a spirit of victory when I thought I could not win.

I appreciate all that she has done for my daughter and I. I would not have won custody of my daughter without Attorney Gaillard; and without custody of my daughter, nothing else matters. I pray that God will allow her to continue to provide this service to others.

- Kimeola Cato

Attorney Gaillard represented me in a DUI/DWI case where I was facing points and jail time. I thought about trying to go it alone but a friend recommended Attorney Gaillard. Thanks to her good advice early on, she put me in the best position possible and when it came time for my hearing, she was excellent in the courtroom and got a good result for me. Highly recommend her and thankful for her knowledge and experience.

- K. P.

I want to start off by saying “thank you” to Attorney Gaillard. The steps that you took to assist me with both of my cases were well-thought through and made me extremely comfortable during the entire process. I am extremely grateful for what you did for me and my family.

Before I hired Attorney Robin Rucker Gaillard to help me with my custody and child support modification case, I attempted to fight this legal battle on my own. My attempt was met with nothing short of disappointment, frustration, and a poor result. That’s when I decided to go “lawyer shopping.” After a few weeks and many consultations with other lawyers, a friend mentioned his experience with the Law Office of Robin Rucker Gaillard, LLC, and recommended that I schedule a consultation. His exact words were: “If you want to win your case, you need to hire her.” When I met Attorney Gaillard for my initial consultation, it didn’t take long to make up my mind to hire for the services necessary to win my cases. She was professional, direct, punctual, understanding, and sometimes read my mind without me even going into details. Throughout the timeline of my case, Attorney Gaillard made me aware of all of the possible outcomes and what she would do to make it work. She was always available to talk, kept accurate records, and never left me waiting for answers. Long story short, if you want to win your case, you need to hire her. I strongly recommend the Law Office of Robin Rucker Gaillard, LLC, to anyone who needs an experienced, educated, well-informed family law practitioner, including the custody and child support modification process.

- Sean McBride Sr.

Attorney Gaillard’s court room presence and demeanor were impactful. Throughout my custody proceedings, Attorney Gaillard was well-prepared, persistent, knowledgeable, creative, empathetic and highly effective. If you want to be assured that you’ve retained a legal professional set apart from the rest, and an attorney who will work hard for you in a contested custody case, then you need to call Attorney Robin Rucker Gaillard. Honestly, I was skeptical about retaining “another attorney” for a matter that seemed to “never end” but my experience with Attorney Gaillard and her effectiveness was well worth every penny I spent. My sons and I have truly benefitted from her legal expertise. I would highly recommend the Law Office of Robin Rucker Gaillard, LLC, for all of your legal needs.

- Chris Sikes